Italian Recipes – Beef


Piccata (Veal, Turkey or Chicken) Posted by artsycook at recipegoldminecom 4 cutlets of the meats above1 large egg1 tablespoon milk2 cups breadcrumbs (regular or seasoned)Margarine or butter2 medium lemons1 envelope chicken bouillon or 1 tablespoon chicken stock mix 1/2 teaspoon saltDash of pepper Pound out meat between wax paper to 1/4-inch thickness In a small […]

Italian Meatloaf With Fresh Basil And Provolone

Italian Meatloaf with Fresh Basil and Provolone Posted by bettyboop50 at recipegoldminecom 6/7/01 5:32:18 am Yummy and delish! 1 cup boiling water1/2 cup sun-dried tomatoes1/2 cup ketchup1 cup bread crumbs, seasoned3/4 cup finely chopped onion3/4 cup chopped fresh basil1/2 cup Provolone cheese, shredded, 2 ozs2 large egg whites2 garlic cloves, minced1 pound ground roundCooking spray1/3 […]

Italian Meatballs

Italian Meatballs Posted by jerseyjan at recipegoldminecom May 20, 2001 2 pounds 85% chop meat1 cup diced onions1 cup diced red and green peppers3 cloves fresh garlic2 eggs1/4 cup fresh flat leaf parsley, chopped1/2 cup parmesan grated cheese1 cup or so Italian bread crumbsSaltPepper Mix well, adjusting bread crumbs and adding water if necessary Roll […]