Chinese Recipes – Sauces

Chinese Plum Sauce

Chinese Plum Sauce This enhances dishes such as barbecued ribs, roast pork, boiled shrimp, fried chicken livers & egg rolls 1 cup plum jelly, melted1/2 cup sweet pickle relish1 tablespoon wine vinegar1 tablespoon granulated sugar Combine & mix until smooth

Chinese Hot Mustard Sauce

Chinese Hot Mustard Sauce Careful! The more you stir this the hotter it becomes This is especially good with egg rolls or shrimp puffs Place 4 tpss dry mustard in a small container Add just enough water to make a medium paste, stirring constantly Refrigerate for 1 hour before using

Chinese Vegetable Sauce

Chinese Vegetable Sauce Posted by Cookin’ Dad at recipegoldminecom 7/26/2001 9:34 am Dear Recipe Goldmine Friends, I have been working pretty long hrs lately, but I still manage to find time to get in the kitchen & experiment, even though I do not sometimes eat until very late in the evening I made this the […]