Chinese Recipes – Misc

Chinese Mixed Pickles

Chinese Mixed Pickles Pickling Liquid3 cups granulated sugar3 cups white vinegar1 1/2 cups water1 1/2 tpss salt Combine all ingredients in 3-quart saucepan Cook & stir over medium heat until liquid boils Remove from heat; cool Pickles3 large carrots1 (1 pound) Chinese white radish1 large cucumber4 stalks celery8 scallions4 ounces fresh ginger root1 large red […]

Chinese Scallion Circles

Chinese Scallion Circles (T’sung Yu Ping) These come from northern China, where it is one of the very few breads that is not steamed 3 cups all-purpose flour1 1/2 tpss baking powder1 tps salt1 tablespoon sesame oil1 cup plus 1 to 2 Tbspcold waterSesame oil3/4 cup chopped scallionsVegetable oil Mix flour, baking powder & salt […]

Yip Jai

Yip Jai (Steamed Dumplings) 12 ti leaves for wrappingOil Dough 2 lb sweet rice flour 3 1/3 cups water Filling (Sweet) 2 cups grated fresh coconut 1 cup chopped peanuts Filling (Salty) 2 cups chopped char siu 1 cup shredded jicama 4 stalks green onion, choppedSalt & pepper to taste Mix flour with water in […]