Sauces & Ingredients

Chipotle Chile Sauce

Chipotle Chile Sauce 1/2 cup canned chipotle chiles1/2 cup cold water1 tsp instant chicken bouillon granules Place all ingredients in a blender & puree to liquefy This makes 1 cup of the hottest chile sauce you will find anywhere


Adobo (Mexican Smoked Chile Marinade) Source: Food Day, July 9, ’91 From: Valerie Whittle 3 oranges1 lime2 to 3 canned chipotle chiles or to taste3 cloves garlic (1 tbsp)2 tsps dried oregano1/2 tsp cumin seed1/2 tsp black pepper2 Tbsp wine vinegar1/2 tsp salt This spicy marinade owes its unusual flavor to the chipotle, a smoked […]

Ancho Puree

Ancho Puree 1 1/2 cups (about 7) ancho chiles, stemmed1 1/2 cups cider vinegar2 Tbsp minced onion1 tbsp minced garlic For a milder puree, rub chiles between your palms to remove most of the seeds Chop chiles coarsely with a knife or in a food processor Put them in a bowl & pour the vinegar […]